Web Consulting

Strategic Consulting
For every brand the most crucial thing is to find the perfect road map which can be helpful in achieving the goal. Strategic planning is our forte which plays the most significant role in mapping the course, solving the issues and helping in brand building. We have a nimble team of great strategists, creative designers and sharp technologists who work with clients to achieve the goals.

Technology Consulting
We are fond of creating new technologies and solving problems. We are proud to have a great team of creative and sharp technologists who are masters when it comes to execute your ideas brilliantly. Our team knows well to play with latest software and give the best results.

Online Reputation Consulting
We understand the need of a great reputation for any brand. People’s perception about you online is crucial for your existence. A brand can get a new life or even die depending on how it is perceived online. As a brand you may have to face reviews and talks which are not in your favor. We take charge of your online reputation and keep negative reviews at bay. We are the image builders and show your image to the world in the light which you prefer.

Digital Media Buying
There would be no use of a medicine if it is not available on time. Similar is the story of media campaigns as well. We know the value of the right audience at appropriate time. We are the masters when it comes to running highly targeted campaigns. We try every possible option to bring your message to the world so as to increase your chances of reaping rich rewards. We conduct thorough research and mix it with our experience which results into high conversion rates.

Web Designing

IZT Technologies is a website designing company in Mumbai that endows your business with strength and makes it powerful online. We not only design and develop your web requirements, but also promote and host them efficiently with the precision and effectiveness that can be expected only from the best web design agency in Mumbai.
With more than six years of experience in the industry for creating world class websites, we have been instrumental in registering effective web presence for our clients. We are well known for designing mesmerizing websites that present a perfect blend of function and form. Our satisfied clientele is a testimony to the excellence of our offerings that include various products and services. We take credit for designing, promoting and providing consultation services to several businesses across the globe.

We are craftsmen of enchanting website designs. Our areas of expertise include
Visual Design,Branding & Identity,Interactive Design,UX Design,UI Design,IZT Technologies follows a focused approach to design a website by utilizing an extremely strong ideology and ideation process that assists in enhancing visual appeal along with augmenting functional soundness. The websites must be responsive and search engine friendly as these attributes matter a lot for the end users.We at IZT Technologies relentlessly strive to not only meet but also exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering customized solutions. As a leading web designing company in Mumbai we make every possible effort to craft the best website design and lend a helping hand to our clients when it comes to fulfilling their objectives of engagement.Being a leading player in the digital domain, we try to understand your requirements thoroughly and provide all our clients with the competitive edge that they truly deserve. If you are looking for one of the best web designing companies in Mumbai which can be trusted by you for customized solutions that help your brand, your quest ends at IZT Technologies.

Assurance of the best outcome
All our customers are assured of top-notch designs. We make it a point to keep you updated when it comes to the status of the project right from the start till the final product. You will remain very well aware of the looks and function of the output throughout the process of creation.

Web Development

Web Development
We can play with HTML, PHP or .Net to create best of the designs. We are genuinely excellent in code writing. We build and maintain websites for you. We take your specifications regarding design as well as message to create the masterpiece which you wanted. We make use of the best modern day practices to have easy interaction along with high class functionality. PHP, .NET, MySQL, JavaScript, ASP, HTML5/CSS are certainly our best buddies and we utilize these in best possible manner to create the wonder.

Web App Development
The way applications are accessed has undergone a drastic change. Packaged software is no more the same that it used to be. People are viewing software more like a service on the web. Probably that is the reason for replacement of packaged software. We have a creative team of technologists who strive hard to transform great ideas into unique and classic solutions for you. We rely on latest technologies and mix our dedication to create the best programs that makes you to work, play and enjoy. Magento, Zend, Cakephp, CodeIgniter are the ingredients which bring the perfect taste. We understand this and use the frameworks to bring that wow factor

Mobile App Development
We are the magicians and turn your ideas and imaginations into charming apps. We make you able to keep such big technologies in your pockets. There are numerous applications, you just name them and we create it for you. Ranging from games, mobile utilities to smart applications meant for geo location; we make it all for you. Whether you want applications for Android, Blackberry or even iPad, we develop these in the best manner.

System Integrators
We know the value of system integration. We recognize the fact that the system is more important than the individual ingredients. We work to ensure proper integration of a number of systems and functions which can offer unified experiences on the web. A web experience can be seen in totality and not in isolation. We work for integration of payment gateways, business systems and social networks built on extremely strong APIs.

Content Management Systems
Stagnation is death. We know the value of keep moving and give you the power for the same. We help you in evolving constantly. Content Management Systems enable you to take charge of your constant up gradation and evolution. We strengthen you by empowering to use the highly flexible system for managing your website. We give you the power of managing the complete information as well as the ideas. You get the best help in the form of Drupal, Joomla, Website Baker and several others which are best for managing the website content.

Ecommerce Development
Once we join hands together, just be assured that your endeavor has landed up in the safest hands. We value your business and concern for the same. We are the masters when it comes to creation of e-commerce portals where customers can easily locate what they actually want. We also help in strategizing for making it a hit. Rely on us for your growth. We make people shopping and help in growing your business.

Information Architecture
We take complete responsibility of organizing your story. We make things simpler and easier for everybody. We facilitate finding things for people. They can locate these depending on their needs and your wish of showing them. We create a fine blend of psychology and information which results in great experience for the user. Information architecture should be really great so that information can flow in a logical manner. This will ease a lot of things by simplifying the complex and helping in finding the things which were not so easily located earlier. We make things disciplined and orderly.

Web Analytics
Data is so important. One can get a lot of information which can be of great use. Web analytics is important for knowing traffic patterns as well as conversion points. It can also provide most famous terminologies searched along with geo metrics. We read between the lines and discover opportunities as well as pints of concern to show you the right picture.

Search Marketing

Search Optimization
Search engines have special liking for such websites which have the elements making them people friendly. In modern times, SEO is concerned with best web practices. Great content, great coding and strong linking are the three most important elements of any good SEO strategy. We take care of all your worries related to SEO and improve your ranking on the search engines. Once the best effects of social media and PR are mixed with excellent web design, the bigger picture of SEO becomes visible.

Paid Search Campaigns
We have great expertise for running search campaigns. We ensure clicks on the messages especially created for the purpose. Creating excellent landing pages is our strength and we use the same for converting to contacts. We put a lot of effort to find the appropriate keywords and strategies which result in the quality contacts. We know how to give right direction to your campaigns and never allow waste of a single penny.

SEO Audits
Merely having a plan for search engine ranking is not enough. The need is to take a look on your rankings and review your plans for the same. We plan, conduct research, analyze data and also review the content and structure of your site so as to find your standing in the world of internet. We help you in achieving the goal which you wanted.

Local/Hyperlocal Search
One of the most important aspects of search is to find correct people at correct places. Local SEO is meant for targeting the local places viz. towns, cities and states where you can find your prospect. We help you in utilizing the internet by unifying appropriate local directories, onsite geographic optimization and local pages. This will be the right step for introducing you at local level on a big scale.

Social Marketing

IT Consultancy

IZT Technologies offers IT Enabled services to asset management &shipmanagement software companies making them completely free from management of IT for organization. We helps organization to optimize their valuable time for primary business activities.

IZT Technologies offers wide range of IT consultancy services. IT being vital and very important part of marine industry, we offer all the required expertise to implement new technologies, selection of PMS Database Building, Crew Management, Purchase and Logistics, ERP software’s.

We assist in taking decision for the implementation of new technologies, packages on the basis of profitability, features, security, flexibility, scalability, portability etc.

Hardware and Networking Support

Are you planning to improve IT infrastructure? We are here to assist you in selection of best suited hardware and networking device. We also support companies in purchase, implementation and commissioning of hardware and networking infrastructure. We also take care of warranty status of your IT equipment’s.

IZT Technologies will assist you managing your IT infrastructure on installations. We assist in procurement, installation and networking on installations.

We help companies in selection of data and voice services. We analyse the requirement and suggest the most efficient technology for your data and voice need on the basis of cost, availability, support etc.

If you are moving to new location or setting up new office, IZT Technologies will help you in the implementation of IT infrastructure.

Remote IT Support

IZT Technologies offers cost effective, efficient, reliable Remote IT services with quick response time. You can outsource both hardware and software support to have timely access of IT expertise avoiding you having full-fledged in house IT team.

We provide support on Microsoft operating systems viz. Windows7, Windows Vista, windows 2003 server, Windows XP. We help you to resolve day today operating problems.

We can resolve almost every issue that can be resolved remotely

  • Installation of printers, scanner and other devices
  • Printers and scanner not working
  • Security and unauthorized access prevention
  • Server monitoring, backup, maintenance
  • Recovery of lost data, partition
  • Update and patches for operating system
  • Update and patches for antivirus and other application
  • Uninstallation of unnecessary programs
  • Firewall, router configuration
  • Delete trash and temporary files
  • Managing network settings

We help organization remotely, having internet connectivity with remote desktop software’s and messengers.


Digitization of Drawings

All approved drawings and essential information required for operation and maintenance of the ship should be available at all times to all concerned. Management of paper plans on board ship and in offices has always been difficult.

IZT Technologies has excellent facilities and dedicated staff for preparation of drawings, printing, and plotting. We are particularly interested in taking up challenging jobs in drawing digitization, document scanning services at a very reasonable price. Absolute confidentiality, prompt service and timely delivery are assured.

Inventory Management

Inventory is typically, company's biggest asset after employees and hence its management is critical for cost control. We at IZT Technologies with team of maintenance, mechanical & marine engineers have expertise in machinery and spare part identification and assist companies to manage their inventories efficiently.

We deploy team of qualified personnel to manage inventory onsite. Providing key services for Software for Inventory management on board, inventory management and IT Inventory management.

IZT Technologies offers following services under inventory management.

  • Identification of parts
  • Labelling and tagging of spares
  • Bar coding & effective isolation of unidentified and/or used part
  • Cross checking and entering stock details & information in inventory management software
  • Inventory report
Training Video & User Guides

Training videos and user guides are essential and most effective ways of imparting training to people. With our vast experience on various software’s, we offer training video and user guide creation services. We also make animated videos for maintenance, safety, fire drill process etc.

Advantages of using training video

  • Cost effective
  • Reusability
  • More engagement
  • Can go where trainees can't go
Document Digitization / Document Management / Central Database Hosting For Documents (KPO India)
Never lose your file again!

Document management: In a world where everybody is changing to digitization, it is important to keep your old & new documents digitized to be able to retrieve them whenever & wherever required without any hassles even if it required to be accessed after ages.

IZT Technologies offers a wide range of document conversion services that includes conversion of documents from one format to various formats or to the required one & retrievable at the click of your finger. Our document management services classifies information according to categories defined by the customer for instance ‘multiple departments’

Our electronic document management services combine a healthy mix of best practices and practical considerations of the customers’ requirements.

  • Guarantees business continuity, 24x7x365
  • Reduces costs of handling, storing, and duplicating paper documents
  • Reduces the time employees spend looking for information
  • Increases customer service through immediate access to customer documents
  • Strengthens your disaster recovery plan by ensuring your data is secure and easily accessible to remote users
  • Ensures legal and regulatory compliance
Data Collection

After understanding the source of information by your organization that could be in multiple ways - paper documents, online forms, bar codes, emails, faxes, electronic signatures, and more. With the help of expertise & capacity, we effectively capture and store the information in all formats with quality approach presenting readability, indexing, security & reliability.


The centrepiece of a document imaging system, a well-designed and implemented indexing system establishes the groundwork for a smooth flow for tracking and retrieval of information that is managed and stored in a database.

Data Security

All your information is sensitive for us so we take utmost care of its security keeping in mind the corporate policies, Industry standards & more. Also, you get to decide the access controls. & authenticate.

Data Storage

Once we are done with conversion of documents to the desired format, we will store it on a central server so you will not have to make extra arrangements for the required space. We shall provide you with a common server to store all the files & give you a central access so that anytime/anywhere you have full access to all the information that is stored.

Web Access to Documents

We will allow remote users to access information from their document management system from anywhere in the world. You can also print, fax, and email documents as needed right from your Web browser.

Back Office Services

In shipping, the back office includes purchase, logistics, payroll, data entry works etc. In banking, the back office includes a IT processing system. In investment firms, the back office includes the administrative functions. If used in sales, the back office service provider would include functions that fulfil customer's orders and would usually include the duties involved in customer-support call centre.

Depending on what part of business you wish to outsource so that the core functions are within your premises, it can be termed as back office services through for us it becomes part of the operations & thus it remains the core function of our business.

Customized outsourced services

Our innovative approach enables you to draw on the right mix of resources. Meanwhile, our experience offers you the flexibility to meet your unique business needs from traditional engagements that focus on optimizing your IT cost structure to value-added arrangements that can drive top-line growth.

Right from inspection to training, we can provide you with the expertise so that you don’t need to look out for different requirements; we become a one stop shop for you.

Recruitment and Extended Office

We have an exceptional level of experience and expertise in providing a top quality, source and supply service to many industries. Here we recognize the importance of client & the employee which gives alike value-added services to both.

Our mission at IZT Technologies is to make life easy for the companies whether it is onshore or aboard by delivering personnel to meet the constantly changing needs of a demanding Client base.

Our Recruitment Process includes identifying the position, advertising, applicant screening, interviewing, reference checking & finally placing the candidates if they meet the individual company requirements.

Whether you want to project a presence in another city/country or need a professional business support without the usual overheads, extended Office is cost effective and quick to set up. Within days you can have a great business image & make use of our quality facilities & support still keeping the overheads under control.

Procurement Assistance & Logistics Support

With an increased focus on compliance & cost, rather than creating a world-class procurement capability in-house, many companies have simply outsourced it. We not only assist you in purchasing but also can help you extend your office by managing a team that will look after your procurement division with a flexibility of your person heading/running/supervising it without any extra cost of maintaining the office.

This will help in executing the non-core tasks & concentrate on core functions of the business, at the same time reducing the operational costs by use of third party services.

Read article Maritime Procurement BPO: Unusual Strategies for Unusual Times

Benefits of Procurement outsourcing:

  • Custom build your team with specific skill set which results in low operations cost – We allow you to choose your own candidate who would work with us & once the candidate is short listed, we will hire them on our payroll. It is said that you can hire three people here at the cost of one there so you are reducing on expenses without compromising on the output.
  • Domain experienced workforce – Since we are already providing these services, it gives us the edge to manage & deliver without much assistance & of course we can proudly flaunt that we are experienced.
  • No Infrastructure cost – Since the employee would be on our payroll, we will take care of other employee related costs such as health benefits, PF, fringe benefits etc. & provide the infrastructure such as computer, desk, internet etc. that will eventually add to your savings.
  • Round the clock support – Because of the time difference, you can expect for support stretching more than the normal working hours.
  • Flexibility of increasing/reducing the team size in short time – You won’t have to keep people sitting on the bench as otherwise you may do if you had no jobs for a long time.
  • Recruitment & deployment of talented workforce – Once you choose to outsource your business function; we would take your requirement & custom recruit people accordingly. This also gives you a chance to select your candidate as we would give you a couple of options to choose from. Once you have chosen the best candidate, he/she will start working with us on our payroll so you would not have to worry about the remuneration or other related costs as well.
  • Expertise available – As we have already been catering our clients in this field, we have expertise in the domain, which we can help you with if required.
  • Low overhead cost – any company would want to lower their overhead costs without affecting the productivity/output. If you think on the similar lines then we help you do that with quality approach.
  • Managed Services:
  • Processing of orders, offers & RFQ – Our team here takes care of RFQ/RFP’s & other offers & orders on your behalf once there is a requirement.
  • Sourcing – It starts with sourcing vendors matching your specifications & requirements & give you the best in terms of quality & cost.
  • Invoicing – The most important part of any transaction is the billing of the delivery, we do it with utmost care & without any errors.
  • Delivery arrangements – Once the goods have been sourced, we will also arrange for the delivery of items either to clients location or as agreed by you.
  • Logistics – All the legality, freight forwarding matters right from the port of purchase to the port of Consumption is taken care off.

Follow up’s on payment

  • A lifetime value together!!
  • We want to hand you the keys to do it in a better way
  • We may not be first but it’s never too late
  • Allow us to do it your way
  • Won’t happen unless you do it
  • Bridging the Global workforce
  • You are not fully sure unless you try once
Marketing and Sales Support Services

In addition to our extensive service offerings, IZT Technologies also offers affordable, flat-fee outsourcing services for B2B. IZT Technologies can tailor its outsourcing services for the small-medium sized business which may not have the need, budget, or interest in another full-time staffer. You can hire IZT Technologies on a project-by-project basis, full or part-time, or appoint us as your 'official' marketing department.

IZT Technologies Marketing can work independently with scheduled reporting, or can provide interaction to compliment your existing marketing program:

  • Are you launching a new product or service?
  • Do you want to expand your marketing capabilities?
  • Do you need to lighten the workload of in-house talent?
  • Will you be going through a staff transition?
  • Do you need to reduce your in-house budget?
  • Do you need specific expertise not suited for in-house staff?
  • Do you want to experiment with a new marketing medium?

Whatever the case, IZT Technologies is here to help. Outsourcing to IZT Technologies allows you to focus in on what you do best and can help you save on hiring, training, administration, benefits, absenteeism, workspace and equipment. It is our aim to work with you, or your appointee(s), to work as if we were in the office next-door.


Social Media has emerged as one of the most crucial tools that can affect your business. Being one of the leading social media marketing agencies in Mumbai, we understand all the intricacies involved and strive hard to deliver the best services when it comes to: Social Media Promotions Social Media Planning Social Media Apps Social Media Marketing We help our clients in building a great reputation for their brand. Social Media is a platform that endows you with innovative ways to help you in communicating with your target audience effectively. You can make use of various social networks to make huge fan base and followers.
By showcasing your promotional offers and customized promotions especially meant for your target audience, you can help your brand getting immensely benefited. Owing to the stupendously designed and meticulously planned social media campaigns, IZT Technologies has emerged as one of the leading social media agencies in Mumbai.
We are the ones who ensure that various positives of social media are integrated well so as to formulate the best social strategy for your brand. On account of our expertise we are able to establish you as a brand. We not only help you in registering your effective social media presence but also create highly beneficial interactions on a very big scale that help you to connect with the target audience on various social networking sites. This has made us a name to reckon with when it comes to the biggies for social media marketing in Mumbai.